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The parable unlocking understanding

Jesus taught multitudes at many events. He typically preached a type of sermon called a “parable” (stories). One such story is extraordinary because the meaning holds the key to unlock a harvest of understanding, which leads to bearing fruit. The word Jesus starts his parable with a is a profound summary of the entire piece: “Listen!…”

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How to share your salvation story

I would love to give you some pointers on you how to share, your salvation story. I am going to tell you why you should tell your story, essential things to remember when you share it and finally what to say when you testify. Let’s start with why you should tell your...

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The CHOICE of being a slave of Christ

I submit to you that the greatest asset of love is the freedom of choice - a decision of the will to enter into a deep dependence upon another. God is love and He gave us that choice - the ability to choose Him or another, back in the Garden of Eden, and even today....

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Return on investment – Part 2

Investment in the corporate world is the action of investing money for a profit, whether it be a savings account, retirement annuity, stocks or property. This, of course, has nothing or very little to do with generosity. It is mostly for your own financial growth....

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Return on investment – Part 1

I am in the marketing game and my job is to persuade people to take action. Did you know that all preachers are marketers too? The nice thing about their top seller product, salvation, is that the benefits are out of this world! Yet the price had been paid for you and...

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Crossing the Red Sea

The 'emigration' from Egypt laid the foundation for the Mosaic (Old) Covenant God made with the nation of Israel. The phrase: "brought you (Israel) up out of Egypt" occurs 125 times in the Old Testament alone and it shows how important the exodus experience was. God...

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